Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jerk mix

Here's a live, 2-hour mix of jerk songs I did for 2 Busy Saying Yeah last week:


These are the songs I featured:

1. Cold Flamez: Miss Me, Kiss Me
2. Jaye Cooley: Drippin Wet
3. YT: Call Me Daddy feat. New Era & TayF3rd
4. Dizzy: Swagg It Out
5. YG: AIM Me
6. Looney Toonz: Cock A Doodle Doo
7. Swagg City: That Hoe Crazy
8. Asia Lynn: Bad Bitch
9. Vixen Ent: Toot My Shit
10. Clothes Off Movement: Better Than You
11. J.R.: Inhale It feat. TayF3rd & Ashlii
12. NHT Boyz: Introduction
13. Dinoo Supreemo: Dirty Ass Vans
14. Rude Boyz: Go Hard
15. Go Go Power Rangers: Tippin on My Dick
16. New Boyz: You're a Jerk
17. Rude Boyz: Tight Jeanz
18. Fresh Boyz: I Rock Skinnies feat. New Era
19. YT: Skinny Ass Nigga
20. Pink Dollaz: I'm Tasty
21. Camille Tianna: Hot Commodity
22. TayF3rd: Heard About Me feat. Project & New Era
23. Turfeazy: In a Tree
24. Vixen Ent: Bust Me a Nut
25. The Lowz: She Poppin' feat. Nie'Starr
26. Julian: Jerkin Song
27. L7: Knock Knock
28. YB: 2 Step
29. Ro2co: Toot It Up Done
30. Dinoo Supreemo: Step To
31. Aeiress Ent: Billy
32. Wes Nyle: Dougie
33. Nokio: Hi I'm a Jerk feat. YT
34. YB: I'm a Jerk
35. Jayy Starr: Where the Functions
36. New Boyz: Cricketz feat. Tyga
37. YG: I'm Still Poppin
38. Young Sam: I Do My Thang feat. Asia Lynn
39. Payso: Beat That Pussy feat. Cold Flamez
40. New Era: Dumb Bitch
41. Draft Pick: Get It Jerkin
42. Julian: Do It Don't Stop
43. The Bangz: Get It Girl feat. Pink Dollaz
44. Asia Lynn: Tip Toe feat. Aaliyah D
45. Fly Guys: We Jerkin
46. Ro2co: Shooting Dice
47. TayF3rd: Conceited

As always, you can subscribe to 2 Busy Saying Yeah via iTunes or readers like Google and Yahoo.

In the last jerk-related post, I referred to this Bay goofball classic:

Mac Mill: "Arabian Hump" (In-A-Minute, 1995)

Mac Mill was a Berkeley/Oakland rapper who put out a couple of singles and one EP, 1995's One Mill-Yon. When "Arabian Hump" came out I have a distinct recollection of a local TV news story about the controversy the song was generating and Mill offering some hilariously unconvincing rationalization about building cross-cultural understanding through imitating the speech of dudes who ran the liquor stores where he shopped. I"m pretty sure he knew "sand ni**er" was a slur, though.

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Blogger Rob Pursey said...

'2 Busy Saying Yeah' is the shit - long may it continue!

September 18, 2009 at 11:07 AM  

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