Thursday, September 23, 2010

Summer memory

Summer officially ended today.

In honor of the season, I recently contributed to O-Dub's summer songs series over at Soul-sides. The record I chose is a favorite and I put a lot more effort into it than I usually do with stuff I post here, so basically I'm saying you should go over there and check it out. While there be sure to check out other entries in the series from the likes of Cosmo Baker, DJ Day, JBX and more.

Here's a song that seems end-of-Summer appropriate:

Freedom: "Summer Memory" (Malaco, 1979)

I was listening to the Freedom album this comes from earlier and it sounded way better than I remembered. "Get Up and Dance" doesn't hit nearly as hard as on the 12", but the rest of the album is a nice mix of two-step soul and funky sunshine-y disco with only one dud in the bunch.