Saturday, October 8, 2011

Darker shades

The Darker Shades of Black: "Nothing Like Love" (S.E.X. Ltd., 197?)

Most promising label name/group name combo I can think of. The record is pretty good, too.

I'd love to know the story behind this one. There's no info on the label or in the deadwax to suggest its origin. The flip is a nice duet that's similarly loose but a little more soul-ish.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

2 Busy Saying Yeah - Love Songs

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Recently a friend asked me if I could provide him with some music for his wedding, an hour or so of soul songs for the dinner hour.

Normally I would have just said no or looked for a polite way to suggest to him that I make my living doing something he was asking me to do for free, but this is a good friend and someone who's shown me a lot of support over the years.

So I made a mix of old soul songs, heavy on the classics but with a sprinkling of lesser-known gems. I slipped up and played one cheating song (or, more correctly, an "I-want-to-cheat-with-you-but-I'm-not-gonna-because-my-lady-is-too-valuable-to-me" song), but it sounds like a love song and in a way it is. These are some of my favorite songs.

1. Willie Hutch – I Choose You
2. The Intruders – Together
3. George Benson – My Woman’s Good to Me
4. Stevie Wonder – Hey Love
5. Aretha Franklin – Baby I Love You
6. Otis Redding – You Made a Man Out of Me
7. The Brothers of Soul – A Lifetime
8. The Icemen – She’s a Fox
9. The Charmels – As Long As I’ve Got You
10. Wilson Pickett – I’m in Love
11. The Four Puzzles – Especially For You, Baby
12. Jay Lewis – Oh
13. Sam & Dave – A Small Portion of Your Love
14. Smokey Robinson & the Miracles – More Love
15. The Mad Lads – Make the Young Lady Mine
16. Stevie Wonder – My Cherie Amour
17. The Four Tops – Ain’t No Woman (Like the One I’ve Got)
18. The Checkmates Ltd. – Got to See You Soon
19. Bobby Reed – The Time Is Right For Love
20. Sly & the Family Stone – Everybody Is a Star
21. The Five Stairsteps – Ooh Child
22. The Jackson 5 – I Found That Girl
23. The Impressions – I’m So Proud
24. The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You

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Concrete jungle

Little Beaver: "Concrete Jungle" (Cat, 1976)

I'll always associate this record with the one time I attended the NY record show at the Roosevelt Hotel, in October 1994. I was starstruck riffling through some crates next to Q-Tip, who held up the record and said to Large Professor, "Hey, you know this has got a beat on it, right?". It took a lot of fanboy restraint not to interject "Dudes! There's a great song on there, too!"


Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Oak Cliff booty

Last weekend, Serg and I taped a new episode of our rap podcast, Stay Hatin'. We were back at All Day Play's studios for the first time in months, so things sound way better than they have for a while.

Soft Money couldn't be there but we were fortunate to have one of our favorite rap thinkers, Noz of Cocaine Blunts, Tumblin' Erb, The Fader, The Wire, MTV Hive, blah blah blah there in his place.

It was a very special episode of Stay Hatin'. We learned about the Dallas rap mullet a/k/a the Oak Cliff booty. We learned how not to use a toilet. We learned that there were a lot of rap movies made in the late 1990s that we only vaguely remembered. We learned that I didn't know how to pronounce the name of Serg's favorite hot sauce.

We also played these rap songs:

1. Rick Rock - Rocket feat. Battle Loco
2. B.A.P - Face Shot (Boo Dirty Dis)
3. A$AP Rocky - Trilla feat. ASAP Twelvy & ASAP Nast
4. Roc Marciano - My Persona
5. Duna aka Mac Duna - Vallejo Nigga feat. E-40
6. Kurupt - Take It Off feat. DJ Quik
7. Country C - Oh He’s So Fly
8. Travis Porter - One Cheek
9. G-Side - Getting It feat. Stalley & Joi Tiffany
10. 50 Cent - Love Hate Love
11. FatKidsBrotha - NWA feat. Snubnose Frankenstein
12. Pastor Troy - All the Way Live!!!
13. Jacka - Murder On My Mind feat. X-Raided & Smigg Dirtee
14. Cory Mo - Ain’t Nobody Trippin (Remix) feat. Pimp C, Bun B & David Banner
15. The Delinquents - Bitch Niggas feat. B-Legit & Richie Rich

You can download the podcast here.

You can subscribe to the podcast here.

You can download a .zip of the songs we played here.

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